Foods That Don’t Need to Be Dyed Green for St. Patrick’s Day

Foods You Shouldn't Dye Green

It’s easy to get carried away in the kitchen with green food coloring. We get it! You want your St. Patrick’s Day party to be as festive as possible, but keep in mind, food can be too green.

Here are our suggestions for a fun and festive spread that won’t turn your party guests’ mouths green for a week. 

1. Green beer? Yes, please! We might not be huge fans of green food coloring, but come on!  this is a classic. 

2. Sure, there’s a whole book on green eggs (and ham) but we eat with our eyes first and this looks like a stomach ache. 

3. First of all, Rice Krispies Treats with Lucky Charms is genius. Rule of thumb? Add green food coloring to the sweet treats, not the savory ones. 

4. There’s always an exception to the rule and this is it for the green food coloring dilemma. Pancakes don’t need to be green!

5. Annnnd now I’ll take back what I said about savory food. These tortilla chips look awesome. 

6. Last but certainly not least… ohmigod please skip this green pasta. Ditch the food coloring and try adding spinach to your recipe. It’s festive and healthy.

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