How Stores Get You to Overspend During Holiday Shopping Season


With holiday shopping in full swing, you may be tempted to splurge. But according to experts, overspending when you hit the store may not be entirely your fault.

We may sit down and make a holiday budget, full of determination to stick to our priorities.

But if those good intentions go down the drain, it might not be all your fault.

As holiday shopping revs into full gear, here’s a look at some of the trick’s companies play to get you to buy more.

Putting out alluring scents.

Research shows shoppers tend to purchase more premium products in stores with warm scents, like vanilla and cinnamon.

Shopping to the beat.

Research suggests music and background noise may influence shopping habits.

A study out of Beijing found shoppers in stores with fast-paced music were more likely to make impulse purchases. 


Products placed together like a set seem to make shoppers more willing to impulsively buy the items in the display, even if they don’t need them.

And beware: these tricks aren’t limited to brick and mortar stores — online retailers using technology to track your spending habits so that they can tailor their advertising with items explicitly curated for you.

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