‘DREAMer’ Raises Money to go Back to School


ASU student loses his scholarship and raises $23K to go back to school.

On August 18th, Eduardo Lujan-Olivas woke up early to prepare for his first day of classes but little did he know he would receive a phone call 1 hour before class that would change his life. The financial aid office at ASU called Lujan-Olivas and told him his scholarship was being revoked due to his immigration status as a DREAMer, otherwise known as DACA. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program protects young immigrants from being deported and lets them work legally. Lujan-Olivas works at QuikTrip to support his mother and sister, and this scholarship was his only chance to be a college student. Rather than let his dream of working in the criminal justice field slip through the cracks, he started a GoFundMe account (which has since been taken down) and raised $23,865 surpassing his goal of $18,300. 

Eduardo Lujan-Olivas was named one of the top 20 community college students in the country and earned a scholarship worth more than $20,000 to attend ASU’s Barrett, the Honors College.

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