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PHOENIX – So, you’re saying we can still eat all the carbs?

Not exactly, says Arne Astrup, a nutrition professor from Denmark. According to his revised report from World Health Organization’s original 2018 dietary guidelines, cutting saturated fats to less than 10% is not ideal for an overall diet.

The key guidelines to takeaway in Astrup and co. revision is that WHO fails to take into account the varying health effects of saturated fat changes depending on the specific fatty acid and food source.

Meaning, the fatty acid in dark chocolate can actually be beneficial at a cellular level compared to the saturated fatty acids in animal protein or dairy.

Astrup argues that maintaining a diet solely based on reducing your saturated fat intake, will more likely lead to eating the wrong types of saturated fat, and cause a reduction in nutrient-dense foods that are scientifically proven to decrease a multitude of health diseases.

However, Astrup suggests a food based translation of saturated fat intake recommendations to provide helpful tips on important nutrients that do come from saturated fats.

Now we don’t have to feel as guilty going for that second piece of chocolate because: science.

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