Did you know that 25% of people don’t lock their front door?


PHOENIX Locking your front door should be a daily routine like eating or grabbing your keys, but some people didn’t get the memo.

According to a Nationwide Insurance survey, 25% of homeowners have acknowledged of leaving their front door open when leaving the house atleast once in the past year. This is a terrifying thought considering that one third of burglars enter through the front door, according to the National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association.

There are a few tips in order to prevent a burglary from happening.

1. Don’t announce that you’re going on vacation online.

It’s hard to post on social media that you’re going on a cruise to the Bahamas, but burglars can use social media too and can find out whose not home. Just be careful as well of who’s following you.

2. Stop deliveries.

When you go away for a while, make sure to stop delivery of newspapers or packages while your away. With a pile of newspapers or packages outside your front door, you’re telling burglars that no one is home.

3. Lock your door, even when you’re home.

According to the survey, 55% of people tend to feel comfortable leaving a door or window unlocked while at home. Just because you’re home doesn’t mean some burglars know that too. 

Do you lock your door or are going to?

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