Deputy, Paramedic Rescued in Florida After Live Power Pole Falls on Car

Polk County rescue wfla

A sheriff’s deputy and a paramedic were trapped in a patrol car Sunday night after a power pole and live electric lines fell on their patrol unit.

Polk County Sergeant Chris Lynne and paramedic James Tanner Schaill were trapped in the patrol car. Polk County is east of Tampa.

The pair were returning from a hospital after they dropped off an elderly patient. 

Officials said that while Hurricane Irma was creating dangerous winds, paramedics and deputies would work together to transport patients in cars instead of ambulances that were at risk of getting blown over.

Lynn and Schaill were trapped for about two hours late Sunday night and early Monday morning.

Electric crews responded and were able to disconnect the lines.

Lynn and Schaill got out safety and returned to hurricane recovery efforts.

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Paramedic James Tanner and Sergeant Chris Lynne (Source: Polk County via 

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