CWhat’s Screening: ‘Toy Story 4’ movie review


PHOENIX This week we’re taking a trip down memory lane to review a nine-year sequel to an American Classic, Toy Story 4! 

The movie is based on Woody’s new child Bonnie as she heads to school the first day and deals with the anxiety that school brings.

On Bonnie’s first day of school, Woody sneaks inside of her backpack to follow her steps inside the classroom. 

Then she begins to build a toy of her own that’s made from a spork and obviously, she calls her new toy, Sporky

The obvious question everyone has on their mind is why make another Toy Story?

The Toy Story franchise worldwide revenue totals at $1,980,651,383. Not a bad reason, right?

There’s still the fan inside that believes Toy Story 3 had one the most perfect ending to a movie ever.

Woody’s first child Andy hands him off to Bonnie, so he can continue to bring joy to children’s lives.

In Toy Story 4, we’re following Woody’s journey to be the best toy a child could have through Bonnie.

That’s his mission with this blue-lipped and red armed spork! Sporky was made from garbage he tries to dive into any trash can.

Once Sporky escapes Woody and the gang embark on an adventure meeting some old friends, Bo Peep, and Sheep along with some new faces.

Toy Story taps into that little kid in all of us that wanted our toys to come alive. 

Big laughs and heartfelt moments, viewers can expect to leave the theaters with the lesson we’ve all learned.

Nothing last forever and it’s ok to move on. Much of the movie follows Woody and although the franchise has introduced many characters to the world.I give Toy Story 4, 4 sporks out of five. 

Toy Story 4 premieres Friday, June 21 and it’s rated G.

That’s all for CWhat’s Screening, I’m J Russell.

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