CW6 Takes the Goodwill Challenge


CW6 takes on the Goodwill Challenge.

At Goodwill in Central Phoenix, 30 Second Download Hosts Hailey Frances, Kelli Johnson and Adam Waltz search for outfits for one another with only a budget of ten dollars. The ‘Goodwill Challenge’ started on social media, challenging people to find stylish outfits at thrift stores for under ten dollars. Hailey, Kelli and Adam choose at random one another to find an outfit for under ten dollars. Drawing names from a hat, Hailey drew Adam, Kelli drew Hailey, and Adam drew Kelli. All three went through the aisles at Goodwill, searching for the perfect outfit. Check out the before and after pictures from the Goodwill Challenge below: 

So what do you think? Let us know and take the Goodwill Challenge yourself, sharing the experience on social media using #CW6. 

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