Couple Gets Dozens of Mysterious Amazon Packages


A couple from Massachusetts kept getting Amazon deliveries that they never ordered so they had to get to the bottom of it.

Since October, Mike and Kelly Gallivan have received over 50 random packages delivered to their door from Amazon. Some of the items include phone chargers, fans, outdoor TV covers and rechargeable dog collars (they don’t even have a dog).

They did some research and found out some manufacturers send products to Amazon users for free and then use their account name to write a glowing review.

Former Amazon employee, James Thompson, confirmed that this is nothing new for Amazon, since scams like this have happened before.

Amazon has responded to the complaint stating that they would be looking into the Gallivan’s complaint as well as other similar complaints.

“We just don’t want anymore,” Michael Gallivan said.

The couple says they will be donating the scam gifts they have received.

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