Chipotle’s Queso a Big Disappointment


Chipotle’s new queso is not good, and the Internet is letting them know. 

After all the hype, Chipotle’s new queso salsa is a huge disappointment. People took to Twitter to express their opinions about the melted cheese dip, calling the queso “gritty,” a “crime against cheese” and that the queso “tastes like crayons.” Another critic says the queso has “the fuzzy texture of cheap Vegas buffet cheese sauce.” Harsh. Chipotle responded to one Twitter user saying “Sorry you didn’t like. Ours is made with only real, unprocessed ingredients, which makes it a little different than most.” Chipotle’s stock dropped 3.6% on Monday, and 1.5% on Tuesday. Below is how Chipotle is handling reaction on Twitter. 

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