Cheese is as Addictive as Drugs, According to Science


Saying that you don’t like cheese is like saying you don’t like air. Cheese goes with everything. Cheese is amazing. And now we know why so many people feel that way.

Scientists have recently discovered that cheese is just as addictive as drugs!

That explains why we physically can’t stop eating the stuff.

Whether it be blue, parmesan, swiss, feta, or cheddar. The addiction is evident.

The study found that cheese, like all dairy products, contains casein, which triggers receptors in the brain that are linked to addiction.

Some scientists are going as far as calling cheese “dairy crack.”

We can’t disagree there.

Other processed and fatty foods also have similar effects on the brain, but cheese is the most addicting. So our addiction to junk food isn’t just something we make up so that we can eat more donuts and candy. This is a real addiction!

The study tested two groups, one with 120 participants and the other with 384. There were 35 different foods presented to the participants to determine what items were linked with addictive eating. The foods containing cheese were found to be the most addictive.

There is a reason our love for pizza is never ending.

What can we say? Cheese is grate.         

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