Celebrate the holidays with a Halloween-themed Christmas tree


Yeah, they exist

Courtesy: Amazon

PHOENIX – Someone call Jack Skellington because this tree is a The Nightmare Before Christmas paradise!

Instead of wrapping your tree with white lights, beautiful red and green ornaments and a shining star on top, consider switching it up with orange lights, cobwebs, fake blood, and lots of monsters.

There was a study done by the McKeown Clinic that found that decorating earlier is actually better for your mental health. The idea is that it evokes happy memories from your past, helps relieve stress as well as any anxiety, maybe helping you mentally escape. So why not tie that into Halloween? It’s the perfect excuse for starting early.

To make it easier for you, Amazon actually has a few kits you can buy filled with spiderwebs, pumpkins, and more Halloween related decorations. It’s just up to you if you want to change the designs from Halloween to Christmas or just let it go through New Years!

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