Timeline of Apple’s Journey to $1 Trillion

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April 1976
Apple is founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

June 1977
The Apple II computer is released.

December 1980
Apple goes public and its stock beings trading on the Nasdaq.

April 1983
Former PepsiCo executive John Sculley becomes Apple’s CEO after being recruited by Steve Jobs.

January 1984
Jobs unveils the Macintosh, the first mass-market personal computer to feature a mouse and a graphical interface on the display screen.

September 1985
Jobs leaves Apple’s board after company’s directors side with CEO John Sculley in a dispute between the two men.

June 1993
Longtime Apple employee Michael Spindler becomes CEO, replacing Sculley, who remains the company’s chairman.

August 1993
Apple releases the Newton, a touch-screen device that was supposed to work like a digital notepad.

October 1993
Sculley steps down as Apple’s chairman after a disappointing earnings report.

February 1996
Apple hires turnaround specialist Gil Amelio as its CEO after Spindler’s efforts to sell the company to Sun Microsystems or IBM unravel.

December 1996
Apple buys Next Software, a company started by Jobs, for about $400 million. Jobs agrees to return to Apple as an adviser.

August 1997
Apple announces it’s getting a $150 million infusion from archrival Microsoft to help keep the company afloat.

September 1997
Apple announces Jobs will serve as its interim CEO.

May 1998
Jobs unveils a new line of personal computers called the iMac.

January 2000
Apple drops the “interim” preface from Jobs’ CEO title.

May 2001
Apple opens its first retail stores in Virginia and California.

October 2001
Jobs unveils a digital music player called the iPod.

April 2003
Jobs unveils iTunes, a digital music store that initially only could be accessed on Apple devices. A version that worked on personal computers powered by Windows software came out six months later to broaden the market.

August 2004
Jobs discloses he had surgery for a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

October 2005
Tim Cook is promoted to chief operating officer.

January 2007
Jobs unveils the iPhone.

March 2008
Jobs announces an app store for the iPhone.

January 2009
Jobs takes a six-month leave of absence to tend to his health, temporarily turning the reins over to Cook.

January 2010
Jobs unveils a tablet computer called the iPad.

January 2011
Jobs takes an indefinite leave of absence, leaving Cook in charge once again.

August 2011
Jobs resigns as CEO and Cook succeeds him.

October 2011
Jobs dies.

March 2012
Apple announces it is restoring a quarterly dividend for the first time since 1995.

September 2014
Apple announces the Apple Watch, its first new product since Jobs’ death.

March 2015
Apple becomes one of the 30 companies comprising the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

June 2015
Apple launches its music-streaming service.

June 2017
Apple announces its first internet-connected speaker, the HomePod.

September 2017
Apple unveils its first $1,000 phone, the iPhone X, in celebration of the product line’s 10th anniversary.

August 2018
Apple becomes the first publicly traded company valued at $1 trillion.

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