Balloons on static display for day two of Balloon Fiesta

Balloon Fiesta

As the morning began, Balloon Fiesta visitors were hopeful for a successful launch. However, as the sun started to rise above the Sandias, it was clear the balloons were not going to take off. 

“It’s a little upsetting but they’re still really fun to see on the ground,” said Beth Nielson. 

It was a disappointing outcome for so many visitors, and it was all due to wind. 

“It’s still amazing just to see all of them go up, the process it takes to get there, it’s amazing,” said Mariah Barnes.  

The thousands of people from all over the country and even the world that showed up Sunday still got to enjoy the static display with the balloons inflating on the ground.

“Being here is just like magical,” said Jena Moseley. 

Many people at Sunday’s Fiesta are native New Mexicans coming back home to revisit the grand event. 

“I moved away for college and I came back for the weekend to come see the balloons cause I really enjoy it,” said Nielson.  

People say they enjoy taking in the whole process, even if it’s just to watch the balloons inflating then coming down. Visitors also got to chat with the pilots. 

The spectacle continues to wow people from near and far. 

“It’s different every year because there’s lots of different balloons every year, so it’s like new almost every year,” said Kaia Guscott.  

Balloon Fiesta continues through next Sunday, every morning, with balloon glows in the evening. 

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