AZ Gas Skimmer Scam


Authorities have found 40 gas pump skimmers in gas pumps across Arizona so far this year.

Scammers are coming for Arizonans’ information, this time at the gas pump. Forty gas pump skimmers have been found across the state so far this year. Gas skimmers are machines that attach to the card dispenser of a gas pump. The machine is able to record the financial information from your card. Scammers can use this information to steal from your account or make a cloned card. Eighty-eight skimming machines were found in 2016. This year, eight machines have been found at gas stations in Phoenix, eight in Tempe, and five in Scottsdale, Ariz. Three of the five machines found in 
Scottsdale were discovered at a gas station on Hayden and Frank Lloyd Wright.  The most recent machine was found on August 9 in Glendale at 51st Ave. and Peoria.

There are ways to protect yourself from getting skimmed. First, inspect the pump before you use it. Check to see if the credit card reader is loose or damaged. If the pump has security stickers, make sure they are not broken or damaged. Be sure to ask the store personnel how often they check their gas pumps. Debit cards should be run as a credit card in order to protect your PIN. Lastly, if using a credit card, make sure it has a small limit. If you still don’t trust the pump, you can take extra precaution and pay inside. Skimmers can be missed even after you check the pump, so be sure to monitor your banking activity after each visit to the pump. If you do find a gas pump skimmer, be sure to contact local police and the Arizona Department of Agriculture Weights and Measures Services Division.

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