Animal shelter uses Area 51 memes to inspire people to adopt their furry ‘aliens’


Area 51 memes are helping furry 'alien' animals find homes

PHOENIX- Almost everyone has heard about the Area 51 Facebook event where people are planning to storm the highly classified US Air Force facility.

And there are a lot of mixed emotions surrounding it.

One animal shelter in Longview, Texas found a way to make light of the viral, controversial subject.

“We always have fun using pop culture, movies, and music to promote our animals,” Chris Kemper, animal services manager at Longview Animal Care, said. “It allows us to make up funny stories and use music lyrics that hopefully make our animals stand out as well as entertaining people reading our posts.”

Longview Animal Care and Adoption Center took advantage of a perfect time to spread awareness about pet adoptions. Their post tied into all of the Area 51 memes that are flooding social media outlets.

“Right now the Area 51 memes have been all over Facebook and we just decided we could make a play off the Area 51 event,” Kemper said. “We spent about a week making props and spent all Saturday morning taking pictures. We knew it would be cute but had no idea it would blow up like it has.”

This creative, spunky post reached millions of people around the world and more importantly, saved multiple animals. Kemper said that after the pictures were posted on Saturday afternoon, they adopted 20 animals, including most of the ones in the pictures.

The first post from the shelter has been shared 33,545 times, had 18.3 thousand interactions and has reached a total of 3,538,751 people. They have also received feedback from people in countries like Australia, South Africa, Cambodia, the UK, Bulgaria, Canada and Ecuador!

Kemper plans to stick with the Area 51 alien theme for the rest of the week and continue sharing alien pictures and videos.

“We won’t resist, you can take them all,” the Facebook post said. “Our aliens can go home with you for the best price in the galaxy.”

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