157 New Emojis are Coming in 2018


Over 157 emoji’s will be released this summer.

Sounds like a ton, right? But the variety they put into this update was much needed.

They’re adding new hair style and color options to current emoji’s. You will have the ability to pick from curly hair, white hair, red hair or no hair, along with the current options. New body parts are also being released. A leg, a foot, a bone and a tooth are all also a part of the update.

This update includes new superhero and super villain emoji’s. They also come in various skin tones and hair colors to accommodate everyone, except for redheads. Sorry guys. 

The new emoji update will also have different kinds of animals, more clothing items, new food choices, house hold items, travel and activities.

Unicode Consortium has released a rough draft of what each new emoji should look like, but vendors such as Apple, Google and Android can make adjustments on their end.

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