A well-known artist gives back to South Phoenix with youth paint workshop


PHOENIX – Inside the Phoenix apartment of Antoinette Cauley this isn’t just home, it’s a workshop.

“I specialize in portrait work with an emphasis on girls of color. I paint little girls with face tattoos. It’s always shocking at first,” said MonOrchid Gallery artist, Antoinette Cauley.

Phoenix native Antoinette Cauley found comfort and security in her set of pencils and sketch pad. Her work is heavily influenced by rap music and hip hop culture with a focus on social issues.

Cauley draws on her experience going to the  Boys and Girls Club as a kid and was inspired by mentors to draw.

As an adult, she started basic painting workshops like this for teenagers, to expand on their knowledge of the art.

Cauley has used her talents to help young people find their voice through painting and drawing.

“I like to take college-level concepts and theories and modify them for teens and kids”, said Cauley.

On September 28th from 10 am-1 pm, she has organized a free painting workshop in South Phoenix for the basics of painting workshop.

Phoenix CW reporter J Russell speaks with Cauley about her inspiration on her latest series that shows young girls painted with face tattoos on popular hip hop album covers.

Stay tuned to find out when this story will air on Positively Arizona.

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