Warty pumpkins are all the rage this Halloween season


PHOENIX — Growing up, the best pumpkins were always the ones with the flat sides so it would be easier to carve. However, this year it’s all about the bumpiest and ugliest pumpkins you can get your hands on.

Ever wonder where those bumps come from? According to Gardening Know How, they come from a mosaic virus.

“The lumps in this case look like they arise from under the skin of the pumpkin while genetically engineered warty pumpkins look like each protuberance sits atop the skin. Mosaic infection is spread by aphids results in smaller leaves and vines as well as leaves with dark and light blotching.”

Gardening Know How

They are still okay to eat, but the best part, they are already decorated so you don’t have to carve them up!

You can find these pumpkins at Whole Foods, Sprouts, Trader Joe’s and even at your local pumpkin patches. The more warts, the better!

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