Check out these dentist approved Halloween treats


PHOENIX – October is the best month because you have an excuse to eat all the chocolates and candy you can handle. If you are a dentist though, it’s your worst nightmare or at least more business!

Here are some of the dentist approved treats from Ask The Dentist:

  • Any dark chocolate– Did you know that dark chocolate has an antibacterial effect that fights plaque?
  • Sugar free candy – sugar can grow bacteria and disrupts the healthy ratios of pH.
  • Candy bars with nuts– not only do nuts provide protein and fiber, they can break up the stickiness of a candy, which would increase the chance of cavity.

Here are the worst candies you could eat according to Ask The Dentist:

  • Sticky candy– it can get stuck in and on your teeth, and increase the chance of you getting a cavity.
  • Lollipops– it creates “frequency of exposure” in your mouth and brush against your teeth
  • Gummy worms– they are made of acid that ruins your teeth

There is a dentist office in Gilbert – Islands Pediatrics Dentistry – that will actually buy back your candy for $1 per pound. Best part, the candy goes to the American troops.

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