#GRIT & Fear

Letters from the GM

It’s been awhile since I have had time to write.  I have been in pure grit mode. 

Grit: verb |   get into it, dig in, the ability to work hard for a long period of time toward a goal; to keep moving forward through challenges and adversity, to move forward through failure and fear.

Grit, IMO, is the key predictor of success.

Life has often presented me with challenges or perhaps I have sought them out. Easy is not part of my vocabulary.  I always believed if I worked hard at something I really wanted, I would win. 

People in my life have often commented, “you are strong.”  The implication is that I could handle most anything that came along. I came to hate that phrase although it would usually be said with respect and well meaning.  I did not want to be strong, I wanted just to relax and seemingly have less stress, hand off the troubles. However, grit is what I knew. 

I found that grit is a great partner for fear.  Fear can be paralyzing or it can cause one to react.   Facing fear and focusing on the task at hand is more productive than focusing on the fear itself.  If fear is the focus, then it becomes impossible to focus on what needs to be accomplished to move forward.  

Examine the task, face it and get into grit mode.  What is the worst that can happen?  The outcome is not what you hoped?  Failure?   If you are brave enough, often enough willing to try, there will be some failures.   There is power in failure.  The success comes from the true grit you put in along the way and the lessons you learn.  

I have learned to be resolute in goals but also be flexible. I know when to fall. Growth comes from understanding which is the better of the two options.

I embrace every challenge, all of the grit.  I am still writing my narrative.  My road to success is always under construction.  


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