It’s a Scam Season 2, Episode 5: Natalia Grace

It's A Scam

Is she 30 or is she 16?

PHOENIX — This week on It’s a Scam Chloe Mar, Adam Waltz and Jeff Blackburn dive into the story of adoptee Natalia Grace.

According to Daily Mail, Natalia Grace was adopted by a family in 2010. However, according to Natalia’s adopted guardian Kristine Barnett, life quickly turned into scenes similar to the movie Orphan.

Kristine claims through bone density tests that her family adopted not a child but an adult. Police think otherwise. Now, Kristine and her husband Michael are facing abandonment charges after leaving the country without her.

The case will go to trial in 2020. Until then, there’s only the public’s speculation including yours. Is Natalia 30 and scamming the family, or is she 16 and actually being abandoned? Chloe presents the facts so you can decide.

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