It’s a Scam: Season 2, Episode 3 Meat Processing

It's A Scam

"Everything but the squeal."

PHOENIX- The USDA recently announced plans to rollback pork processing regulations. The new rules would give companies more control over inspections. Companies praise these changes for safety and efficiency reasons. However, critics say this will privatize regulations and remove checks and balances on the industry.

This week on IAS, the scam squad explores these regulation changes. Host, Chloe Mar, shares an industry worker’s harrowing tale of pig brains and disease, originally reported by Mother Jones. Plus, a recent study that found USDA inspectors are overworked covering for 700 vacant positions. In opposition, Adam Waltz brings to the table a lawsuit that cost a company millions due to the USDA’s negligence.

So, are these new regulations a scam? Listen to find out. Available wherever you listen to podcasts or below.

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