It’s a Scam, Episode 13: Juul

It's A Scam

Is Juul scamming consumers? Particularly, teens? Listen to find out.

PHOENIX- Juul has taken the e-cigarette industry by storm. In 2018, they accounted for 75 percent of all sales according to Nielsen Company. That’s more than doubled since 2017.

So, Juul is huge but what is it? A Juul is a sleek device that instead of burning tobacco heats nicotine salts to discreetly deliver an intense hit of nicotine. It’s less toxic than smoking cigarettes but still toxic nonetheless. However, Juul is a popular option for adults looking to quit cigarettes, which was originally Juul’s goal from the get-go.

Nicotine is an addictive substance with the most concerning side effects surrounding heart health. Regular consumption of nicotine increases users’ risk for blood clots, heart enlargement and strokes.

Recently & unfortunately, Juul has become increasingly popular among teens. Juul and its associates have also been accused of targeting young people. They’re currently in legal battles over these accusations and more.

In episode 13 of It’s a Scam, Chloe Mar takes on Juul sharing alarming facts as well as her own hot takes. Listen wherever you listen to podcasts or online.

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