It’s a Scam, Episode 12: Paper Straws

It's A Scam

McDonald's, Chipotle, recyclables, oh my!

PHOENIX- This week on It’s a Scam, Chloe Mar, Adam Waltz and Jeff Blackburn dive into paper straws and other recyclables.

Recently, big names like McDonald’s and Chipotle are under fire for their recyclables or lack thereof. In 2018, McDonald’s swapped their plastic straws for paper straws at over 1,500 locations in the U.K. and Ireland. Turns out, the new paper straws aren’t recyclable while the old plastic straws were recyclable according to an internal memo obtained by The Sun.

Meantime, Chipotle’s once praised compostable bowls are actually made with non-biodegradable carcinogenic chemicals according to a study from The New Food Economy. Plus, the fast-food chain’s black utensils pose problems as well.

In episode 12, Chloe explains these challenges, Adam considers buying stainless steel straws and Jeff shares the craziest thing he’s done with a Subway plastic bag. Listen to the episode here.

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