It’s a Scam: Episode 11, the Biological Resource Center

It's A Scam

PHOENIX- This week on It’s a Scam, Chloe Mar, Adam Waltz and Jeff Blackburn dive into the horrifying story behind the Biological Resource Center in Phoenix, Ariz.

The facility opened with promises of using deceased donors’ bodies for medical research. However, the reality was far worse.

Now, families of loved ones who donated their bodies between 2010 and 2014 are suing the Biological Resource Center which is now being described as a “human chop shop” in court documents. While, owner Stephen Gore has been compared to Frankenstein.

A federal raid in 2014 found pools of blood and other fluids throughout the facility. As well as, buckets of limbs, torsos with mismatching heads and more. Gore plead guilty to charges in 2015. However, loved ones’ suit against the center goes to trial in October.

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