This 4th Of July, Be A (Good) Statistic

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Hot Dogs

Who doesn’t love to celebrate Independence Day. For most of us beaches and pools and a 3-day weekend plus some nice summer weather (Arizona excluded) all combine for a fun celebration. It’s almost here!! And I can’t wait.

My favorite money stats site WalletHub recently came out with a roundup of America’s 4th of July habits. From how much we spend to how much food we consume.. And it’s. so. much. meat.

Wallethub found that …

Americans will eat 150 million hot dogs

Around two-thirds of us bbq..

When we do, we’ll be using nearly 900 million pounds of beef and chicken collectively.

And 43% of us will watch a fireworks display.

There are also some real bummer statistics about people injured by fireworks in July. I don’t understand how this happens, don’t mix booze and fireworks. When in doubt, don’t use anything bigger than a sparkler.

Me? I’ll be trying to make a dent in that hotdog stat. On a pool float somewhere chowing down on 100% beef dogs because I don’t like mystery meat.

And yes.. There will be fireworks! My husband always pulls out his camera gear to capture some beautiful shots. Wishing you a happy and safe holiday with the people you love.

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