Think My Knees Look Bad? Write It In Your Diary

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Each week I will be using my blog Hailey’s Comment as an opportunity to give you a behind the scenes look into my personal and professional life.

When we work in the media we subject ourselves to all sorts of opinions and criticisms, it kind of comes with the territory. That said, a comment left by someone on my Facebook page yesterday has compelled me to use this blog as my platform to express my feelings about trolling behavior and body shaming.

Yesterday I shared this picture of me before our TV station promotional shoot. A really fun one! And while all of us were freaking out about how cute these inflatable rafts are, a troll named Rich Reynolds took the opportunity to try to make me feel bad about my body.

 In response to my picture Rich writes “Um…..interesting knees…”.


My Facebook page will shadow a comment it believes to be inappropriate with gray so you cannot see them, but I did.  

Was Rich Reynolds’ comment lewd? No.
Was it the worst I’ve ever received? Absolutely not. 

But it was unsolicited. 


I did not post this picture and ask “how do I look?” and it certainly didn’t ask “do you like my knees?”  Which Rich does not.

And while this isn’t the first time someone has tried to make me feel shameful for my body, I will not tolerate body shaming in any form. Ladies, unwanted comments like these are inappropriate whether we are a size 2 or a size 22. 

What kind of message does Rich Reynolds subtle attempt to make me question my figure send to all women?

Am I to feel as if I should think twice next time I post a smiling happy picture out of fear someone will try to cut me down?

Wear dresses that cover my knees?

For the record, I’ve never claimed to be a runway model. I am perfectly happy with who I am. I am a wife, a journalist, a dog mom, an athlete, a sister, and a daughter.  

To the Rich Reynolds’ of the world, I want to be very clear. If you make comments while hiding behind your computer because it gives you power I feel one thing for you: pity.

Now here’s my unsolicited advice: Do some work on yourself, look in the mirror, speak with a therapist. Your vile behavior is not welcome here.

Needless to say, I blocked Rich.

To the rest of my incredible social media community, thank you for continuing to support each other. I cherish the relationship we have built. It connects me with how you’re feeling and the issues that are important to you in our community. Love each other. 

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