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Of course we should wake up thankful everyday, and some of us do.

Some days that’s easier to do than others.

Thankful for our health, our family, a roof over our heads.

Thankful that we know when and where our next meal is coming from, and even if we don’t have a stocked pantry, thankful we have enough money in the bank to pay for a 6-inch sub down the street.

The sad reality is it is easy to take these things for granted.

Is it just me or do the holidays have a way of making every day feel a little bit more special? Empathy, gratitude and kindness- all of those gooey warm feelings inside feel just a little bit more accessible.

I always plan ahead for my blogs, I post on Friday each week.  As I was thinking about how to approach gratitude and thanks ahead of the holiday I kept thinking about this moment that grounded me this week. A good reminder that when you feel the weight of your problems or little stresses pulling you down open your eyes up to the world around you for perspective.

I was sitting at the MVD offices on 51st avenue and Indian School this week around lunchtime. Two sweet boys in matching tan suits and navy blue bowties came up to me to show me their toy cars. They were so happy, tossing the dark hair out of their eyes to explain to me who Steve McQueen was. I don’t have kids or nieces or nephews, so they had to start from scratch. They told me all about their cars, and raced them for me, even ended up in a couple of high flying crashes. I looked back to see their father and mother standing nearby, they had an older son with them, he looked to be about middle school aged. He was developmentally delayed and unable to sit up on his own in a reclining wheelchair. They didn’t have a caregiver for him, he came right along with them as they did the most mundane and stressful thing anyone there has had to do that week, wait in a long line at the MVD. Their patience seemed very practiced with two little boys running around excitable but polite and their silent older child in tow. They left me when a row of seats big enough to accommodate their family of five plus a wheelchair opened up. Before they walked away the father encouraged the little brothers to say a polite goodbye to me.

I can’t even begin to imagine how trying it must be to have a child who was not born in good health, but his younger brothers and parents were patient with what life has offered them even in one of the most stressful places.

While some of us were sitting punching away at our phones, arms crossed, annoyed at the wait time they were making time to exercise kindness to strangers.

This Thanksgiving and hopefully for the weeks and months that follow I hope to be reminded to be thankful for the little things that are actually the big things.

Food, clean clothes, people who love me, good health for me and those I love. and that the people I love are also in good health. 

I know this will not always be the case, I am choosing to be grateful for the now.

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