Talking Tebow in the Workplace

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Love him or hate him, no question that Tim Tebow is one polarizing kinda dude. Which is why I had to rally my colleagues for a very unofficial (and so very Friday) office poll when I heard he actually made a pro baseball team. The question is simple ‘Do you LOVE or HATE Tim Tebow?’ More on their responses in a moment…
First, I know what you’re thinking because it’s what I’m thinking too.

We haven’t seen this kind of celeb career switcharoo into baseball since Michael Jordan signed to the White Socks in 1994, and Garth Brooks signed with the San Diego Padres in 1999.

Ah, the 90’s.

But this could be different. This is a 29-year-old former pro-athlete whose overall athleticism is not in question (sorry, Garth). His throwing arm, maybe – but not his athleticism. And although, for now, the future is unclear for Tebow, who signed a minor league contract with the Mets who knows where this may lead. Maybe he will jump up and down from the minors for a few years and flame out only to spend Monday nights at some bar in Scottsdale. Or maybe, just maybe, this will be the great equalizer for Tebow.

He’s looking for the pro sports gig that shows off his abilities on the field and makes his reputation align with his notoriety. Me? I kinda feel for the guy, who is living his life in the public arena because of the career he chose to pursue. He was good enough to get a taste of NFL life, and that’s not nothing. And so what if he silently displayed his faith during game time? I don’t believe that began as an attempt to convert others to his beliefs. The argument could be made he  just really likes to pray. If I really liked to meditate by taking 20 seconds of time to do it to amp myself up, I’d like the option. 

I’m not here to judge Tim Tebow, I see him as a hard-working dude who is just trying to make it in this world like everyone else. I don’t like that he negotiated weekends off – but I’m going to just leave that alone. You can’t take his work ethic away from him. While others flunked out of their pro careers and moved onto mortal office jobs, he trained hard, setting out on a new path that also happens to propel him into the media circus yet again. I would want my children to have the courage to keep trying when adversity throws up roadblocks to their happiness. So get after it Tim Tebow, we’ll be watching. Well, some of us.

By the way, here are the results of our unofficial office Poll.
29% Love Tim Tebow
33% Hate Tim Tebow
33% Indifferent
4% Asked “who is Tim Tebow”

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