My Bathroom Door Looks Like Donald Trump

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Trump Door

Each week I will be using my blog Hailey’s Comment as an opportunity to give you a behind the scenes look into my personal and professional life.

Last night, I was using my newly renovated bathroom when I spotted something starring back at me.

There, in the wood grain near the bottom of the door, is a face starring back at me just below eye level. My first thought was to close my eyes and try to unsee it.

Nope, still there.

I called my husband in to look at the face with two eyes and a grimacing smile. I thought he would say I was crazy, instead he said he saw it too. But it wasn’t until I snapped a photo on my way out the door the next morning that I realized I wasn’t looking at just any face, this was the face of power and wealth, of struggle and triumph.

Is that you Donald Trump?

I’ll admit I’m the first person to call BS on Jesus sightings on toast and Cheetos, but then again I never thought the President-Elect would appear right there on my bathroom door.

My husband has been working on our second bathroom for about a month and a half now. We bought the raw wood door from Home Depot, then he sanded and stained it and hung it about two weeks ago, days before the election.

So, why am I just now seeing what’s been there all along? It seems the writing’s been on the bathroom door.

To be honest with you, my first though when seeing ANY face peering back at me in my quaint bathroom is to burn the door and buy a new one. But truthfully my husband worked so hard to trim and stain it for me, I can’t bring myself to ask him to take it down.

From now on I will call my bathroom ‘Trump Shower’ and stare fondly back anytime I head to the little Trump’s room. 

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