Let’s Go On A Night Flight

Hailey's Comment

I have always loved flying at night. It’s so peaceful, and there’s a little fun mystery to landing somewhere and not being able to see the landscape around you until the morning.

This past weekend was a first for me, my first time flying at night in a single engine plane. My husband took me up over metro Phoenix, and it was so beautiful and peaceful.


We’ve flown the same route before during the day.

We leave from Chandler, fly over Tempe Town Lake and Phoenix Sky Harbor, loop around Camelback mountain and back. By the time we took off around 9:30 p.m. it will still about 100 degrees on the tarmac, but for about an hour of flight at 4500 feet in the air the temperature drops to a comfortable 86 degrees. Oh I’m sorry did I say comfortable, I meant comfortable if you’re a Zonie. …still very warm if you’re from just about anywhere else.

This was my first night flight with Jason, who is incredibly careful and practiced at flying a single engine plane. He’s very safe, and every time I go up with him I feel even more comfortable because I see the care he takes in making sure the plane is safe, and he’s vigilant the whole time.

At night the tower is closed, so pilots communicate with each other when they’re taking off, in the air and landing. I’m not a nervous passenger, I know if something unexpected were to happen I’m in good hands. Still, there’s something that can be a teeny tiny bit unnerving about flying over a brightly lit city with dark patches of mountains below.

Jason has the heights of all of the mountain ranges around metro Phoenix memorized, so when just once I tried to act nonchalant and ask how high each range was as we’re flying overhead he calmly put me at ease.


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