6 Things We’re Excited About from the Gilmore Girls Trailer

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Netflix finally drops the Gilmore Girls ‘Year in the Life’ trailer, and it’s everything.

If you’re a Gilmore Girls groupie (guilty!) you’ve no doubt already hit play on the new Gilmore Girls ‘A Year in the Life’ trailer. The Netflix four-part series based on the former hit-CW show is just weeks away now, dropping right around the time your turkey buzzer goes off.

Here’s what we learned from the new trailer:

1. Lorelai doesn’t age. No, seriously.. how is it possible she actually looks younger now than she did ten years ago. Good doctors, good lighting?!  These are the questions that keep us up at night.

2. Jess is back in Rory’s life- and it looks like they’ve rekindled a friendship (or more?!).

3. Loralai and Luke are happy. Crying emoji.

4. There are still no babies, where are the babies?! And who will be the one to have the baby.. If Janet Jackson can do it at 50, Lorelai GIlmore can too.

5. Suki is still baking her little heart out, and funny as ever. I’m hoping the tiny clip of Suki we saw in the trailer isn’t representative of her role on the series, we want more Suki!

6. Rory achieved the kind of success she always wanted to have, hooray! And it’s good to see even with her world travels there still is no place like Stars Hollow.

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