Tempe artist shows off first graphic novel at Fan Fusion


PHOENIX Phoenix Fan Fusion dominated downtown Phoenix Memorial Day Weekend and in the midst of caped cosplayers, it was a weekend where local writers and artists could reach out to members of their own cultural tribe. 

Tempe writer Mike DeCosta is one of those local writers at Fan Fusion, debuting his first ever graphic novel, Eliteware

Eliteware is a sci-fi cyberpunk comic book series, said DeCosta. The inspiration behind this: The Matrix, Blade Runner, Tron. You know very kind of bright, vivid, futuristic storytelling.

The team behind Eliteware looked to create a novel with an upgraded aesthetic and color scheme. 

We do think there’s a lot more to explore with that use of color besides just neon lights, said Eryn Williams, key illustrator for Eliteware. We get away with a lot of mood shots, atmosphere. Just experimenting more with color.

All the local shops are extremely supportive. When people take the time and look at it they go crazy for it, said DeCosta.

Look for Eliteware on comic book store shelves right now. 

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