‘Life Sentence’ Will Be Your New Favorite Dramedy

Life Sentence

Get ready to cancel all your Wednesday night plans starting March 7 because CW’s newest show Life Sentence will finally be on air. This show will be mixed with drama, comedy, and a little twist thrown at the main character, Stella Abbott, played by Lucy hale.

For the past eight years, Stella has been terminally ill with cancer, but as luck would have it, she is miraculously cured. Now, she will have to deal with everything that she never thought she would have to. Stella buckles down and gets her first job. She also uncovers family secrets that have been kept from her for the past 8 years. And to top it off, she learns to live with the husband she never though she’d have a future with.

This show will throw curve balls at Stella that she wasn’t prepared for, but with the help of her family, they will all learn how to bring her back up-to-date with her new long life.

People all around the world are excited to see how Lucy Hale will bring this character to life and how Stella’s life will unfold. Will Stella be happy? Will she be fulfilled with the life she has now? Or will she see it as a life sentence? Only time will tell as the show begins to unfold in March.

The excitement for the new show is mounting and support online is overwhelming as we get closer to the premiere. Hale fans are happy to see her on screen again after the iconic role she played on Pretty Little Liars.

Some viewers in the United Kingdom have been asking a lot on social media if Life Sentence will be put on Netflix. As of now, it will not be. But in good news, all shows for CW, including Life Sentence, will be on their website. If users log in, they will be able to watch new and old episodes once the series starts.

This new series will bring laughter, joy, and maybe even some tears along the way for its stars and its viewers. Don’t forget to tune in March 7 to catch Life Sentence on CW.

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