Joe Jonas reveals how his parents found out about his wedding


In case you’re living under a rock, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner got married in Vegas last month and the world got a front row seat thanks to Diplo’s livestream, including Jonas’ parents. 

Joe Jonas just revealed his parents didn’t know about his impromptu wedding until they saw it on the internet. In a recent SiriusXM interview, Joe said he had to smooth things over with his parents once he realized his wedding was posted online. 

Following the aftermath of the ‘internet wedding’ Jonas and Turner expressed that it wasn’t their intention to have their wedding broadcasted.

I guess Diplo didn’t get the memo on ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.’

Joe and Sophie are planning to have an official wedding in France over the summer, and if they learned anything from the first, his parents will be there and Diplo won’t be invited. 

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