HBO Scatters Iron Thrones Around the World

Game of Thrones Season 8 Poster

It’s time to hunt for the thrones!

With less than a month to go from the premiere of the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones, HBO is encouraging fans to take on the challenge to find hidden thrones around the world. 

HBO announced “the quest for the throne is on” in a Facebook post to get fans excited for the show’s final season and to go on the hunt to find the six hidden thrones. 

To find the iron thrones, HBO has posted a few 360-degree YouTube videos that will give you clues on where to find the thrones. The first throne appears to be in a forest. 

The network’s #ForTheThrone campaign asks fans how far they will go for the throne and is encouraging fans to even “bleed” for the throne. HBO has teamed up with the American Red Cross for the Bleed for the Throne blood drive campaign, so fans can literally bleed in honor of the show. 

The campaign is also encourage fans to “create,” which involves 18 artists from around the world reimagining 18 offical show props. You can see what people have created by clicking here

The season premiere is on April 14, but the opportunity to “quest,” “bleed,” and “create” is happening now.

How far will you go for the throne? 

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