Disney’s ‘Cinderella’ Celebrates 69 Years


Happy birthday, Cinderella! It’s not her official birthday, but it is the day the animated feature opened in theaters across the country.

Cinderella would be 69 years old, as the movie was released this day in 1950.

According to History.com, Cinderella was six years in the making and is one of Disney’s best-loved films. It was most similar to Snow White, Disney’s first full-length animated feature, that was created in 1937. 

“The film’s source was Charles Perrault’s French version of the fairy tale, which tells the story of a young girl whose father dies, leaving her at the mercy of her oppressive stepmother and two unsympathetic stepsisters,” History.com stated.

But, of course, we know that Cinderella gets her prince in the end.

Cinderella was re-released in theaters in 1957, 1965, 1973, 1981 and 1987.

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