What to expect on ‘Riverdale’ tonight: things get explosive, literally

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PHOENIX – Riverdale came back to form with Chapter Fifty-Nine: Fast Times at Riverdale High. New storylines, new enemies, and a very peculiar new principal, Mr. Honey.

Now that we’ve sparked the drama of season four, here’s what you can expect from tonight’s episode, Chapter Sixty: Dog Day Afternoon.

Betty gets in over her head
Things take a turn when Betty Cooper and Charles confront Edgar Evernever and his farmies. In the trailer, Polly is in what looks like Charles’ office with a bomb strapped to her body. Betty has to think quickly, hoping to add “bomb-diffusing” to her resume.

Charity car wash sparks a storyline
Try to contain yourself when Riverdale throws piles of six-pack abs your way during a charity car wash raising money for a community center. If you work backward from the trailer, you’ll notice Archie is (once again) trying to take down a gang all by himself. Speculation has us wondering if this rivalry sparks during the car wash. Either way, nothing good ever comes from a harmless Riverdale car wash.

Cheryl’s secrets become darker
It’s only a matter of time before somebody stumbles on the corpse of Jason Blossom, currently residing in Cheryl’s private quarters, but in the season’s 60th episode, look to Nana Blossom for a dark family secret to be revealed.

Riverdale Chapter Sixty: Dog Day Afternoon airs tonight at 7 p.m. on Your Phoenix CW Channel 6 or 61.

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