Riverdale Season Four Premiere: what to expect

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Hold onto your milkshake, Riverdale is back. It’s Senior year and from the looks of it, there’s no holding back.

Here’s what to expect in the season four premiere of Riverdale:

‘A Farewell to Fred Andrews’
The show didn’t address the death of Luke Perry who plays Archie’s dad, Fred Andrews. The CW teased a funeral for Fred Andrews in their latest promo. Expect a lot of questions answered, and a tear-jerking tribute to Andrews/Perry in the first episode titled ‘A Farewell to Fred Andrews.’

Where’s Jughead?
In one promo released in mid-September, Betty is joined by a larger search party screaming “Jughead” while searching the woods. Toward the end of the teaser, Jughead is seen trapped in a coffin.

Veronica’s forced to choose sides
At the end of season three, Veronica helps put her dad, Hiram Lodge, behind bars, but inadvertently causes her mom, Hermoine Lodge, to be arrested as well. Now she has to choose if she wants to testify in court, and if so, which parent will she side with.

Season Four of Riverdale premieres on Wednesday, October 9, at 7 p.m.

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