Camila Mendes shares her story about her journey to a healthy life

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PHOENIX – Riverdale’s Camila Mendes, who plays Veronica Lodge on the series, was interviewed by Women’s Health magazine for the October 2019 cover story. Mendes talked about a painful time in her life in hopes to help someone else going through it.

Mendes attended at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts where she was sexually assaulted and roofied according to Women’s Health.

“I had a very, very bad experience; I was roofied by someone who sexually assaulted me.”

This story comes out a year after she publicly discussed her on and off battle with bulimia.

“Whenever I feel like I’m going through something difficult, I think about what I can do physically for myself,”

The biggest takeaway from this is showing that she has moved on and hopes that someone else out there understands that they can too.

“When I was a teenager, there were no role models when it came to body positivity—that simply was not a thing. Being thin was the thing,” she says. Camila aims to be the role model she wished she had. “It’s health that’s important, not appearance. I make choices that are good for me—and not just in my body—but for my soul, for my mind. And sometimes that’s eating ice cream because I want to eat ice cream.”

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