Security beefed up for New Year’s Eve

Vegas NYE

Security will be tight on the Las Vegas Strip and in the downtown area for New Year’s Eve. It’s all hands on deck for Metro.

The police department is also teaming up with other agencies.

There will be a large law enforcement presence. Not only local police departments, but also the FBI, and the Nevada National Guard.

8 News Now caught up with soldiers and airmen at McCarran International Airport, another location where security has been beefed up.

A total of 250 members arrived Monday and are staying through Tuesday morning. Additional personnel is also be on standby.

It’s the second largest deployment since the National Guard began helping out during America’s Party 15 years ago.

The largest deployment was last year when 380 members we’re in town for New Year’s Eve following the Oct. 1 mass shooting.

The men and women in military gear will be teaming up with police officers to provide extra eyes and help in case of an emergency.

“This is my first New Year’s Eve working with this unit so it’s my first time experiencing this and it’s not, it’s actually, ah, cool seeing all these people come in and celebrate the new year and just knowing that we’re here to protect them and we’re like Nevadans helping Nevadans,” said Jesse Ayala, Nevada National Guard.

The National Guard will be working alongside 1,500 Metro police officers who will be patrolling the Strip and downtown.

Strike teams will be positioned at every hotel, as well as snipers.

The federal government is also providing resources including technology, staff, air assets, and K-9’s.

Remember you cannot bring glass, strollers, coolers, or large bags to the Strip or downtown. As always, police are asking that if you see something, you say something.

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