The Most Painstaking Part Of Homeownership


One of the best and worst things about being a home-owner has to be the upkeep of a home.

Keep on top of it and you have a warm and welcoming place you can feel proud of. Don’t keep on top of it and you’re one cat away from Grey Gardens. 

We bought our home late last fall, and while we’ve already gone to work on the backyard, Jason and I are now in the process of tackling one room at a time with a much needed sprucing- fresh paint and new interior doors.

We’re fortunate to have bought a home with good bones, tasteful floors, and window coverings, not having to swap those out is a huge cost-saver to us.

This past weekend we went to work on our bedroom. It took us 6 hours, 2 gallons of paint and 2 rolls of blue painter’s tape, but I’m thrilled with the results.


The walls were a dingy grey color with lots of marks and some pretty big chunks of rock drywall missing where a painting once hung before we moved in.

After filling the holes we removed the curtains and worked around our furniture and the closet doors to paint wall by wall.

Here is the result of our mini makeover:


We are ordering a custom wood door to match the other interior doors, and we will be trading these sliding closet doors for solid French doors in the near future.

I couldn’t get Bear or Jason out of this photo.

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