Talking politics could crush your love life


Next year we will be picking a new President and it may or may not go the way you want it to. 

Regardless if the next Presidential election pans out in your favor, the months leading up to election day are a time for many of us to tread carefully. We don’t want to offend co-workers, family members and even potential love interests.

The online dating site Zoosk asked its dating community if a person’s political beliefs and even the act of talking politics negatively or positively affects the way they view a love interest.

75 percent of men and women admitted to dating across party lines.People aged 18-24 admit to being more open to a partner of a different political affiliation, whereas singles 24 and older admit that a political affiliation has kept them from initiating a conversation.

You’ll see the rest of their findings below in a very jazzy infographic.

Zoosk’s resident relationship expert Joan Barnard encourages couples to ditch the political banter in the bedroom.

“Bringing up controversial subjects like politics is more likely to jeopardize romantic chemistry than help you establish it” Barnard said.

Barnard’s best advice for couples navigating the political season is to take the high road or tactfully exit the conversation.

“If your partner brings up politics, always be respectful even if you vehemently disagree with his or her perspective.”

Barnard says trying to sway your partner to think the way you do is unlikely to happen and may even backfire. “If political discussions escalate into arguments, you’re better off declaring a moratorium on political conversations.

Political infographic

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