Quick 6: Spring Training Starter Kit

KIds at Spring Training

AZ Fans: Keep an Eye on the Big Ticket Item

Zack Greinke. One of the biggest off-season moves in the Major Leagues, Greinke is the Ace and Face of the Arizona Diamondbacks’ bullpen. Don’t expect much pitching in his first couple of Spring Training starts. You don’t spend $206 million on a pitcher to use that arm up in one go-round! Instead, look for body language and how he interacts with teammates.

See your favorite player

There are 17 MLB Teams from Scottsdale to Goodyear in the City at the same time! If you like Houston Astros Pitcher Dallas Keuchel, go see him play! Go heckle Albert Pujols for an autograph, and show off your Madison Bumgarner jersey, but don’t be surprised if you are booed by Kansas City fans.

That brings us to the next point: Enjoy high quality baseball!

Go watch the World Series Champion Kansas City Royals, and the San Francisco Giants who won it before them. Here’s an extra tip: The Giants practice in the mornings on fields at Camelback Rd. and Hayden Rd. Go see them without the crowd! Did you know that the Chicago Cubs are projected to be one of the best teams in the MLB this year? Now you do! Go watch the Cubs for the potential to tell your grandkids that you saw when the Cubbies finally snapped the streak!

Player Autographs

If you stick around long enough and catch the right person’s attention, you could end up getting a manager to sign your dog! No joke. Royals Manager Ned Yost signed a Royals Fan’s Puppies’ Jersey. Go look it up! If that dog can get an autograph, there’s no reason you can’t!

Take advantage of ball park food

Perhaps the best part of Spring Training is you get the baseball experience without the big stadium pricing. At Peoria Sports Complex, home of the Seattle Mariners, you can pay $20 for the All You Can Eat Deck in right field. Beer and other drink prices won’t have you waking up the next day crying over your bank account. Take advantage of these prices, and have a DD on standby.

Make spring a family event

Not much compares to sitting in 80 degree weather, watching baseball on the outfield lawn while your kids are off collecting grass stains. It’s the perfect event for family before the temps rise to intolerable levels, and ticket prices won’t dip into Christmas funds.

Stay safe and enjoy the best time for baseball in the Valley!

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