Quick 6: Spring Closet Clean-Out


All right show of hands.. who has been avoiding cleaning out your closet this spring. Phoenix style consultant Risa Kostis is here to save the day with these six quick tips to start clearing out the clutter.

1. Prep

Get ready by finding your entire wardrobe.

– Dry clean/launder everything

– Put everything into one general area to save time

2. Edit

Now, it’s time to see what to keep and what to toss.

– Split up everything – keep, toss, store

– Invest in a stylist if you’re having trouble

3. Inventory

Take stock of what you have left.

– Use an organization system

– Make lists of what you have and what you need

4. Organize

Find storage solutions. (Hello, Container Store!)

– Separate your closet based on seasons, colors, and types of items

 – Fix your hangers; keep your clothes facing in one direction


5. Install

It’s time to put it all together.

 – Complete the closet based on your organizers and inventory

 – Switch over to your new boxes and hangers to condense your wardrobe

6. Maintain

It’s always a work in progress!

 – Keep up on your closet cleaning monthly/quarterly/bi-yearly, but not yearly

– Rotate your clothes seasonally to re-evaluate if you should keep or toss items



For more information or if you want help cleaning out your wardrobe, visit http://www.ristyleconsulting.com/.


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