Quick 6 Gifts For Riverdale Fans



Here are six gifts you can give to a Riverdale fan for the holidays.


It’s the season of giving and we know exactly what Riverdale fans want this year. Here are six Riverdale-themed gifts you can find online or in stores!

1. Jughead Beanie

One of Riverdale’s most notable pieces of clothing, Jughead Jones’s signature chapeau turned into a modern grey knit beanie. One size fits all and you can find this beanie online or in stores at Hot Topic for only $16.90.

2. Riverdale Core Four Phone Case

Can’t decide who is your fave friend? Carry them all on your phone case. These phone cases are for iPhones from models “X” to iPhone 4/4s. At only $25 this is a perfect gift! 

3. Southside Serpents Girls T-shirt

For the Riverdale fan who has already made up your mind about where you belong. This shirt will be the perfect PSA for everyone to know as well. The Southside Serpents edgy shirt for girls is only $17 at Hot Topic stores and online.

4. Riverdale Vixens Water Bottle

Join the Vixens, but make sure you stay within uniform standards and bring along the official Vixens water bottle. You can also find this for sale at Hot Topic in the store or online for only $9.03!

5. Betty and Veronica Handbag

More on the girly side? This bag features both of the iconic ladies of Riverdale. The artwork is from the original Archie Comics and is printed on leather. The bag is $230(!) and can be found on bettyandveronica.com.

6. Pop’s Chock’Lit Shop Mug

For the coffee lover, a mug from Pop’s is not just a great gift, but the perfect companion to watch Riverdale. You have the option of a regular mug or a tall one for only $16.09!

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