Local Activities to Keep You Busy for Spring Break


There’s nothing wrong with staying in town for Spring Break. Stay-cations are the perfect way to spend your tax refund, without asking for a loan to get you through March.

If you’re anything like YourPHX.com station engineer Brad Singleton, you will ”probably just go hiking everywhere,  and eat a lot of damn food.” Thanks Brad.

Parents let’s start with you. Since school is the best day care, you’re now forced to entertain for a week, but Phoenix is a great place to do just that, and look like the cool parent who never has a dull idea.

Main Event Entertainment will kill an entire day. Laser Tag, Gravity Ropes, Rock Climbing Wall, and Bowling provides endless fun for kids, and be sure to tire them out so you can watch Vanderpump Rules.

Don’t look past the Musical Instrument Museum, Desert Botanical Garden, the Arizona Science Center or Butterfly Wonderland. Visiting these places will wear out the word “cool.”

On a side note: Butterfly Wonderland is an awesome date idea. I’m talking to you, guys.

Explore Arizona

A romantic weekend is not hard to find. After a quick Groupon search, a log cabin resort in Greer, AZ is only $50/night. Get up north to escape this record-breaking March heat, and take some time with friends or a significant other to go hiking and unwind out of cell phone range. 

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