Hailey’s Back to Work After Maternity Leave

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Hi everyone, I’m back to work at CW6 after a three-month-long maternity leave.

And for me, it went by so slow at times, and then way too fast. The first six weeks and the last six weeks were so different. For the first half of my maternity leave, I couldn’t wait to come back to work. I think that’s because I felt so completely out of my life routine which had become very comfortable to me. For the last decade, work has been my baby, and I nurtured it around the clock even when I wasn’t in the office I was researching potential stories to cover. I was used to showering (gasp!) and primping myself every morning, working a full day, and doing whatever I pleased with my time after work. I would spend my nights going to the gym, to happy hour and dinner with friends, etc.

And now I was a baby feeding machine. Living on the couch in our family room in my pajamas and counting down the minutes until my husband was home so I could take a shower. Every day I obsessed about something new, as new parents do. Was he eating too much, not enough, was I doing a good enough job carving out a routine for him, was I giving him too much of a routine? In those early weeks, I think I only left the house by myself a handful of times while my husband watched our son and only for about an hour, twice to get my nails done and once to go to the grocery store.

The last six weeks of my leave is time I will absolutely cherish. My little boy “woke up” as newborns do, suddenly he was alert and recognizing me. And I woke up too. I stopped trying to fit him into a paragraph of an article I read online about how he should be acting or eating or sleeping on that particular day. Loading him up in his car seat became easier, I no longer worried about what I would do if he cried when we were at a grocery store of a restaurant. Now that our routine felt familiar I was able to really start enjoying him! His smile developed and he has become so much fun. Of course, just when I adjusted into our days together hanging out on our back porch listening to contemporary classical music (poor kid) and going to Grandma’s, it was time to head back to work.

But for me, there’s time every day for my real baby and my work baby because I’m coming back to do something I love. Admittedly I haven’t quite figured out how to find time for consistent workouts yet, but mama’s gotta find time for that too!

I’m sharing a pic of our favorite thing to do together. We go to Hubbard Swim School in Phoenix each week. They offer free infant swim classes for kiddos up to six months old. If you’re a new mom or dad, this is a must do! We have so much fun and Leo crashes hard and takes a nice long nap after class. Have any other suggestions for things to do with your kiddo in metro Phoenix? Send me an email at hfrances@yourphx.com.


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