Excuse the mess, we’re moving


Please excuse the mess, it’s moving day at the CW6 studios!

We have been in our second floor suite ever since we moved into our new building in midtown Phoenix this summer.

Before then our team was working out of the building that houses CBS5 and 3TV just a few blocks away.

Our new offices are in giant white building surrounded by fountains- so very zen, and close to Spinato’s Pizzeria and The Yard, so there are carbs and cocktails nearby after business hours. Basically a dream.

We’re not technically moving far now, just down one flight of stairs, but the the move into our permanent home seems very symbolic to me, and I’m sure my co-workers would agree.

This is the physical move forward my team has been planning since back before I was hired when we were bought up by Nexstar.

That’s when planning started to bring local programming in to join the already popular CW affiliated programming like Jane the Virgin and The Flash in Phoenix.

First we move offices and then we make our move into the Phoenix television market with some very exciting and engaging hyper-local content.

We say it’s “TV… only better”.

For the last two weeks boxes have been piling up and we’ve been emptying our desks, this wasn’t hard for me.

I knew I would only be in my desk for a couple of weeks so I have kept my personal items to a minimum: a cute little prickly plant from my co-worker Jennica and a gold dog tape dispenser- a birthday present from my friend Kristen.

The only thing I will miss about this desk is the view of a backyard pool, but I won’t miss the two stacked mini fridges behind me where lunch leftovers go to die.

My new desk is in my new office, far away from a fridge. That’s right, I repeat. I have an office.

Finally, a place to contain all of the chachki’s I collect at work- an exercise ball I used to sit on at my station in Houston, a statue of a dog doing yoga at KPNX along with a princess crown, a gag gift from my friend Bryan.

I promised my new work girls I would put a clothing rack and floor length mirror in my office so they could borrow as they like and I can make a quick change.

This happens surprisingly often when I spill on myself before a broadcast or when I want to dress for the shoot I’m going on.

When our new TV studio is done and operable my office will be just steps away from where we broadcast.

To celebrate new beginnings I wanted my team to have a little something for their new desks, so I picked up these succulents from Trader Joe’s.

Just a little something to brighten up their desk, and give them a prick if they get out of line.


The first co-worker to kill their succulent has to fill the candy jar.

Happy Moving Day!

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